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2020 GtkD Blog Posts

For whatever reason, I can't seem to post in the thread I started last year. Perhaps because there are 100 replies? Don't know. Anyway, here's a new thread announcing GtkDcoding Blog Posts for 2020 starting with:

When is a Titlebar not a Titlebar? When it's a HeaderBar.

Today's post starts an examination of the HeaderBar and it's capabilities. You can find it here.

Re: 2020 GtkD Blog Posts

Wanna know how to rearrange the contents of your HeaderBar? Or add extra widgets to that same HeaderBar? Then come on over to the GtkD Coding Blog and have a read.

Re: 2020 GtkD Blog Posts

Today's post was requested by Joel Christensen, how to have one button affect another. You can find it here.

Re: 2020 GtkD Blog Posts

Today marks the 100th post on the GtkDcoding blog where we continue with Button interactions. You can find it here.

After today, I'll be on hiatus from the blog and posts may be sporadic.

Re: 2020 GtkD Blog Posts

I've been meaning to move these announcements into the Announce sub-forum for quite some time. But as each posting day came up, my brain would go on auto-pilot and I'd end up putting them in the Learn sub-forum instead.

Today, I'm hoping all that will change. From now on, these announcements will be done here and to kick things off...

Blog Post #101, as the title says, will go over some GTK 4 compliance issues as regards coloured Labels. Way back in post #0022, we build a Grid with alternating grid square colours. Today, we reproduce that Grid in a GTK 4-compliance way. You can find the post here.


Re: 2020 GtkD Blog Posts

An alternative Grid spacing mechanism is revealed in this, the 102nd GtkDcoding blog post. You can find it here.