On 29-05-2019 20:12, Alex X wrote:

On Wed, 29 May 2019 08:52:52 GMT, Ron Tarrant wrote:

You do know about the gtkDcoding blog, right? I'm in the middle of posting an entire series on Dialogs. Perhaps it'll help.

I don't have an issue using dialogs, I have many in my app and they all work, it's this one case where I use a popup window that shows a dialog and it doesn't work.

Also, the dialog itself is not even shown correctly the first time when shown within the onactivate.


dialog.destroy() does nothing.

Try creating a popup window and have that open a dialog and see if that works(must open it multiple times).

Again, I have about 20 dialogs in my app and all of them work fine. It's only this one and only when I open it up a second time. It's as if something is getting corrupted by the popup aspect.

Does the same thing happen when you use dialog.run() instead of
showAll ?