Hi Mike,

Just looking through generated/cairo/c/types.d and found this style of comment:

public enum cairo_region_overlap_t
	IN, /+* completely inside region +/
	OUT, /+* completely outside region +/
	PART /+* partly inside region +/
alias cairo_region_overlap_t CairoRegionOverlap;

My code editor, PSPad, misinterprets this so that everything past line 500 is commented out... not that it actually is; I opened this in another editor and it's fine, but...

With PSPad being my favourite editor, I'd like to fix this. I've tried Googling, but the results I get are—shall we say—not exactly shedding any light.

So, my question is: Does this type of comment have special meaning? Like, for ddoc or some other document processor?

Or did it get mangled somewhere along the line?