Could you add some fields to GObject so that widgets can be more easily tracked?

These could be "properties" or whatever.

The main problem I'm having is that in Visual D all the widget references are basically pointless because I can't tell what is what. By having some easy way to see what it is would make life easier.

I added ID to GObject and things worked.

I imagine though it would be nicer to have more values to use such as a way to attach data.

BTW, I added

	children = null; //Is this needed?

	import gobject.c.functions;
	import glib.c.functions;
	g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched(gtkContainer, GSignalMatchType.FUNC, 0, g_quark_from_string("add"), null, &gtkd_container_add, null);
	g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched(gtkContainer, GSignalMatchType.FUNC, 0, g_quark_from_string("remove"), null, &gtkd_container_remove, null);


long Hash;
string ID;
string Name;
string Tag;
void* Obj;
GObject Parent;
GObject[] Children;

to ObjectG.d

but I imagine it would be better to make it more robust and maybe try to fill out the values in the constructor and such. I'm going to try to fill out Parent and Children to mimic the view hierarchy so one can traverse the tree easily in the debugger.