On Sun, 16 Jun 2019 22:40:05 +0200, Mike Wey wrote:

On 16-06-2019 00:02, Alex X wrote:

I've tried that and couldn't find any member in any way called Type.

auto os = Builder.getObjects();

This is what is returned.


That is what I see when I look at the members of the object... which is utterly useless for me ;/ At most I can check the right type but it is not very helpful.

That is just one object in the list.

getObjects flattens the list and I'd like to retain the hierarchy as presented in the xml file. There ar children fields and parent fields but I can't really make heads or tells of what is what.

Hence getting the names and id's and other info would help.

I've tried to use various things like getProperty('name', value) but nothing works...

The idea is to be able to see the hierarchy of the objects. The gtk inspector shows it so it's there somewhere.

Type.name can be found here:

The children, id an name variables you added to ObjectG aren't filled in
because GtkBuilder doesn't know they exist.

getObjects does indeed only give you an array of objects with no other
information, the GTK function only returns a singly linked list of
GObjects. And GtkBuilder doesn't give you a way to retrieve the id of an

Yeah ;/ It's kinda odd it works that way ;/