Last week, gtkDcoding saw its 50th regularly-scheduled post. Today marks the launch of stage two of the facelift we've been working toward for the last month. The new features are:

  • syntax highlighting for all code snippets,
  • screenshots for every example, and
  • updated color-coding to more easily associate posts with the topics they cover.

Also of note is that each screenshot set includes:

  • a shot (or two or three) of the example code in action,
  • a shot of the terminal window showing any output, and
  • a link (which opens a new browser tab) to the full code example,
  • all these are now found within an in-page box directly below a page title naming the example, and
  • clicking on either of the screenshots displays an overlay with a full-size view of the screenshot.

There will likely be minor tweaks happening over the next few weeks, but this is the big roll-out. I hope you all like it.

And instead of linking directly to the article, here's a link to the main page so you can see the entire facelift.