On 23-08-2019 21:48, Ron Tarrant wrote:

I'm not having much luck figuring out Gestures. I did find a few C-lang examples, but I'm not sure how they translate into D.

The problem seems to be how to get access to Gesture events. Signals trigger, but in the Gesture-based callbacks, the Events are null.

I'm not even sure if I've associated the Gesture with the DrawingArea properly. I'm also starting to wonder if the whole thing isn't just redundant and unnecessary, especially considering that there isn't a phone-based version of D (not that I'm aware of, anyway).

Here's my code (the relevant code is the last two classes at the bottom):


I think you will need to use the handlers that use a GdkEventSequence*.

The version that uses Event seems to be generated erroneously.