On 01-09-2019 17:30, Domain wrote:

I cannot find libgstreamer-1.0-0.dll anywhere, but I found gstreamer-1.0-0.dll.
I copy gstreamer-1.0-0.dll to the same folder of the demo exe, but nothing changed. I rename it to libgstreamer-1.0-0.dll, still the same.

GtkD master searches for: libgstreamer-1.0-0.dll, gstreamer-1.0-0.dll,
and gstreamer-1.dll the 3.9.0 release only searches only for the first one.

The search order for GtkD is:
1 The directory from which the application loaded.
2 The bin directory of the gtk runtime.
3 The system directory.
4 The Windows directory.
5 The directories listed in the PATH environment variable.

For GtkD master just adding the correct directory to your PATH should do
the trick. Renaming libraries may or may not work.

Of course if you're not using GStreamer telling dub not to compile it is
the easiest option.