On 12-09-2019 14:58, Ron Tarrant wrote:

Hi Mike,

Looking at the appendPage() function, I get the impression that a Notebook tab can be pretty much any Widget. This seems to be borne out by a few discussions and examples I've read:

C# Gtk Notebook Tab Label with Close Button
PyGtk Notebook with Closeable Tabs
And a few others.

In these examples/discussions, a tab can be populated with a Box which, in turn, contains a Label and a Button.

But when I tried this in GtkD, even though everything looks right, tab switching is disabled. Any idea why?


In the C# and PyGtk examples, there is a label and a button in the tab,
and the clicks on the close button not activating the tab would be the
desired behavior.

In your case when there is only a Button, connecting addOnClicked to a
function that would activate the tab with a call to setCurrentPage,
would be the easiest.