Hi Mike,

In the GtkD wrapper code, there are a bunch of references to a PangoRectangle, and yet, it doesn't seem to exist as a module or class. I found two Rectangle modules, one for ATK, the other for GDK.

Further, in the Rust docs, I found a PangoRectangle and in the Pango 1.0 docs, there is reference to a Pango.Rectangle.

Does the PangoRectangle no longer exist? Has its functionality been absorbed into another module?

The reason I'm asking...

I'm taking an in-depth look at the TextView widget with an eye toward how it might work as a screenwriter's word processor. In case you are unfamiliar with such beasts, margins vary by paragraph type. For instance, an action description takes up the full width of the page, dialogue is indented about 15 characters from left and right, character names are indented 20 or characters from the left, etc.

So, what I'm trying to work out is how to control left and right indentation/margins on a paragraph-by-paragraph basis. I thought I'd found a solution with the PyLayout and the PangoRectangle, but now I'm not so sure... unless you can shed some light on this.