classListProperties looks promising, but TextTag does not appear to be an instance of GObjectClass.


The GObjectClass or the derived variants like GtkTextTagClass are part
of GObjects implementation of a virtual function table. And everything
derived from GObject has one.


getInstanceClass is in gobject.Type.

As far as i know this will return all the documented properties since
they always have an default value.

Well Mike, I'd never have found that in the documentation! But from what you're saying, it sounds like that will give me a list of properties that the class can have, right? What I was looking for was a list of the properties it actually has at some point in time.

I guess I am already doing the right thing, trying to get properties that the documentation says are there, and skipping on happily if they're not. Ah well.

I'll try it anyway. Thanks for your time.

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