In 2006, I started a blog on PHP-GTK 2.x that ran for 40 posts before the blog site I was using closed its door. By then, I was caught up in writing Corkboard, the first full-featured application I'd written for my own amusement in nearly 20 years, and so I just let it slip away.

Last year, when I decided to update my knowledge to GTK 3.x, the resources I found were few. Each had a handful of examples and most went overboard, cramming dozens of GTK features into single-app demos. Prying relevant code from such crowded demos isn't my cup of tea, so I decided to write my own.

So, using D as my newly-adopted favourite language, I wrote single-purpose GTK demos for every feature I thought I might find useful for creating cross-platform desktop applications. The idea was to make single-file demos that incorporated no more than absolutely necessary to demonstrate the feature of the day. While I was at it, I made notes as a memory aid so I could re-grasp the details as quickly as possible because I knew it might be months before I got around to using this resource, the idea being to preemptively cut down on wasted time when I did get back to serious coding.

And that's what ended up becoming the GtkD Coding Blog. I was sure I wasn't the only person who would benefit from this, so I bought a domain and set up a schedule to post twice per week.

Coming up on the end of 2019 and quickly approaching the 100th posting, I'm contemplating the future of this blog. Will I continue to post? And if so, will those posts still go up twice per week? Or maybe I'll move on and write the killer screenplay outlining utility I've been mulling over for the last few years. Or maybe I'll finally retire and go power-watch old episodes of Star Trek or something. So many choice!

But the small audience I have managed to attract has given me encouragement, suggestions, and more than a little moral support. I can't tell you how grateful I am for that. And even if I don't continue to post or only post from time to time, I'd like to keep it easy to find (i.e. continue to use the domain name).

So if you like the blog and would like it to be available for future reference, please sign up as a sponsor. I've revamped the sponsor tiers so they aren't so scary. (I don't know what I would have done with a $500 sponsor anyway!) You'll be helping me cover costs as well as give me the feeling that it's all been worthwhile.

Ron Tarrant