On 15-02-2020 09:38, Mark Summerfield wrote:

According to Gtk/Notes there are two ways to program GtkD, one "Gtk2-style" and the other "Gtk3-encouraged-style". Yet, GtkDecoded and elsewhere seem to all use "Gtk2-style".

Is there any reason I should prefer one to the other?

Are there any good up-to-date books on GtkD? (Or on Gtk, but that are easy to understand in terms of D?)

The Gtk2-style with Main.init and Main.run will be removed in GTK4 so
the Gtk3-style is preferred for new projects. All the demos in the GtkD
repo use this style.

I don't know of any good books about gtkd, Ron's blog is probably the
best source of information about gtkd. Gerald Nunn also made some good
blog posts when he was working on Tilix.

P.S. I've removed the duplicate posts, it seems that vibenews/vibe.d has
issues with mongodb 4.0. I've downgraded to 3.6 and commented out a few
database upgrades vibenews tries at startup, and it should be running
properly now.