On Mon, 16 Mar 2020 12:50:35 GMT, Ron Tarrant wrote:

On Sat, 14 Mar 2020 08:48:40 GMT, mark wrote:

Is it possible to create a single stand-alone .exe for windows with no extra dependencies?

You might try this...

While in your working directory, run c:\msys64\usr\bin\ldd <your-exe-file-name> to get a list of dependencies. Then use one of the standard Windows packaging tools (msitools, or wix, or nsis) to package it.

I haven't done this, but it should do the trick.

Thanks for the idea. I use LDC which is based on LLVM which is based on MS's own toolchain, but I found ldd on my system (it comes with git).
This did give me a list of DLLs, but my point is to build statically so that those DLLs are all included and a single .exe is all that people need.
Doesn't matter, I've got a Nim .exe which isn't as pretty (no gradient fills) but does at least work.
And for my next GtkD project I only care about Linux compatibility.