On 12/01/2013 08:21 AM, Alexandr Druzninin wrote:

On Sat, 30 Nov 2013 23:21:48 +0100, Mike Wey wrote:

The script/app that generates the bindings for GtkD parses the
documentation. Witch only documents the typedef and it turns it into:

struct ClutterColor{}

A real opaque struct might be better:

struct ClutterColor;

I mean that D variant don't compile, because real definition of ClutterColor is placed in one module, and alias ClutterColor ClutterColor (with definition of _ClutterColor as an opaque structure) is placed in other module.
And if I use ClutterColor in application compiler finds only definition of ClutterColor only as an opaque structure and don't compile because don't know its size.

If the struct is opaque you should only be using pointers to it.