On 04/20/2015 03:58 PM, Steve Teale wrote:

I can build my COMPO app against Gtkd3

It uses a Tree view, and it segfaults as soon as I try to select the single object that is present in the view at startup. To be honest I have never understood the GTK documentation for this stuff, but it worked fine with 2.4.

I think this is because for two functions the TreeIter parameter changed
to out, which means the TreeIter now has to initialized before using it.

This commit should summarize the needed changes:

I derive a class from TreeModel, and override the methods specified by the interface.

You seem to also define a TreeModel implementation in the library, using mixins somehow. Should I be using that implementation? Do you have a working tree view example?

A default implementation for when Gtk returns a TreeModel without a
corresponding D Object.

The stack trace to the segfault as generated by CodeBlocks 10.05 is as follows (how do I send a file). All of the action seems to happen in libgtk-3.so.