On 05/13/2017 09:24 PM, Antonio Corbi wrote:


After upgrading one of my projects from gtkd-3.3.0 to gtkd-3.6.2 I'm getting some warnings after unreffing a Pixbuf:

(gtagui:10052): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: gobjectremovetoggleref: couldn't find toggle ref 0x8737f4(0x7ffff7f5ba40)

This kind of warnings are due to one line in my code like this:

`img = thePixmap.copy;

img.unref; // this is the line that produces such warnings.`

If I change it to:


The warning disappears and I get the desired behaviour (no memory eating).
Is this the appropiate way to make a pixmap free it's memory?

Both should do depending on the use case.

Destroy will always destroy the image data, while unref will only do
that when you/GtkD holds the last reference to the object.

The warning with unref is fixed in: