On 10/10/18 1:17 PM, aedt wrote:

Hello, I have been trying out the examples in pygtk and trying them out in gtkd. I came across this example where they used a member variable (of gtk.Window?) called timeout_id. I can't find anything similar to that in the documentation. Here's what I've got so far, any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

timeout_id is a local variable to store the id of the timeout.

The D equivalent would be:

import glib.Timeout

Timeout timeout_id;

void on_pulse_toggled(Button button)
	if ( button.getActive() )
	{	entry.setProgressPulseStep(0.2);
		// Call self.do_pulse every 100 ms
		timeout_id = new Timeout(100, &do_pulse);
             // Don't call self.do_pulse anymore
             timeout_id = null;