Hello. I have quite a few questions I hope you can find time to answer me.
For the last few weeks, I have been learning GtkD and taking notes. I made it public so you can find them here

I'm stuck with GtkD's MVC.

1) I have this TreeView. But I can't seem to find a way to find a find a TreeModelFilterVisibleFunc as described here

Here's the code:

import gtk.Application : Application;
import gtk.ApplicationWindow : ApplicationWindow;
import gtk.HeaderBar : HeaderBar;
import gtk.ListStore : ListStore;
import gtk.TreeView : TreeView;
import gtkc.gobjecttypes : GType;
import gtk.TreeViewColumn : TreeViewColumn;
import gtk.CellRendererText : CellRendererText;
import gtk.TreeIter : TreeIter;

private class Album {
ListStore model;

	TreeView view;
	enum COLUMNS {

	static ListStore generateModel() {
		return new ListStore([GType.STRING, GType.STRING]);

	static TreeView generateView() {
		auto tv = new TreeView();

		auto artistColumn = new TreeViewColumn();
		scope (success)

		auto artistColumnCell = new CellRendererText();
		artistColumn.packStart(artistColumnCell, true);
		artistColumn.addAttribute(artistColumnCell, "text", COLUMNS.ARTIST);

		auto songColumn = new TreeViewColumn();
		scope (success)

		auto songColumnCell = new CellRendererText();
		songColumn.packStart(songColumnCell, true);
		songColumn.addAttribute(songColumnCell, "text", COLUMNS.SONG);

		return tv;

	this() {
		model = generateModel();
		view = generateView();

	void addSong(in string artistName, in string songTitle) {
		auto iter = this.model.createIter();
		model.setValue(iter, COLUMNS.ARTIST, artistName);
		model.setValue(iter, COLUMNS.SONG, songTitle);

	TreeView getView() {
		return this.view;

class PrimaryWindow : ApplicationWindow {
	HeaderBar titleBar;
	Album album;

	static HeaderBar makeHeaderBar(string title = "GtkD MVC Demo") {
		auto hb = new HeaderBar();
		return hb;

	this(Application app) {
		setDefaultSize(480, 360);
		titleBar = makeHeaderBar;

		album = new Album();
		album.addSong("Quails", "High Hopes");
		album.addSong("Linkin Park", "Leave Out All The Rest");
		album.addSong("Linkin Park", "Somewhere I belong");
		album.addSong("ANML", "Obsession");
		album.addSong("Eminem", "The Ringer");
		album.addSong("Eminem", "Lucky You");
		album.addSong("Eminem", "Space Bound");
		album.addSong("Johnny Cash", "Hurt");
		album.addSong("Johnny Cash", "Ring of Fire");
		album.addSong("Owl City", "Fireflies");
		album.addSong("Owl City", "On the Wing");


int main(string[] args) {
	import gio.Application : GioApp = Application;
	import gtkc.gtktypes : GApplicationFlags;

	auto app = new Application("org.gitlab.gtkdnotes", GApplicationFlags.FLAGS_NONE);
	app.addOnActivate(delegate void(GioApp _) {
		auto pw = new PrimaryWindow(app);
	return app.run(args);

2) How can I add a value to the model with a TreePath (AND a TreePath) instead of a TreeIter inside method addSong()?

3) How can I iterate and check for values in a model? For example, I want to find a TreeIter that points to a row that has "Eminem" in the column 0, and "Lucky You" in column 2 in the model?

I will be very happy if you find time to give me code examples, I know it's a bit too much to ask but the documentation isn't helping. Thank you.