On 06-02-2019 14:34, Ron Tarrant wrote:

On Tue, 5 Feb 2019 20:08:58 +0100, Mike Wey wrote:

On 05-02-2019 11:00, Ron Tarrant wrote:

Also, I'm running this on Windows 10, if that matters.

It looks like it's time to dust of and update the Win10 VM, because i
can't reproduce the issue on linux.

Either that or it's time for me to roll up my sleeves and sort out how to run dual external monitors using Xorg and get my laptop running FreeBSD. These hybrid Intel/NVIDIA GPUs are a real pain.

New Info: Turns out of I click on the menu (first time) and hold the mouse button down long enough, the menu does finally appear. This sounds to me like there's an interpreter at work somewhere in the chain. Is that, in effect, what a wrapper does, interpret before passing calls along to the library?

It looks like this issue is fixed in gtk 3.24.4, at leased for me i read
on the DLang forums you weren't so lucky.