On 22-03-2019 13:16, Ron Tarrant wrote:

Path Names

It may cross your mind, if you’re doing this in Windows, that you have to swap out the UNIX forward slash ( / ) for the Windows backslash ( \ ) when you’re writing out the path/filename.

You don’t have to.

GTK is OS-aware enough to know which way to slash. And as a side note, how do you remember which is which? I saw it explained like this:

if a person leans forward, they look like a forward slash (UNIX),
if a person leans backward, they look like a backslash (Windows).

When it comes to this incompatibility that has plagued cross-platform development since the dawn of the personal computer era, I won’t point any fingers. The person who came up with this knows who he is. ‘Nuff said.

AFAIK the windows API will accept both the forward and backward slash,
so not something GTK/GLib does for you.