On 10-05-2019 16:20, Ron Tarrant wrote:

I also came across some talk of creating signals/events from scratch, but Signal.d and Event.d don't seem to have functions to do that.

I'm assuming this would be possible using functions.d and (what?) wrapping it? Totally lost on this one, so any ideas/suggestions will be appreciated.

I don't know the talk, but if i`m correct you would use gsignalnew to
register a new signal, and call gsignalemit to well emit the signal.

A user could then use gsignalconnect the connect to the signal.

In GtkD there is Signals.newv and Signals.emitv witch are the array
based versions of gsignalnew and gsignalemit.

And Signals.connect to connect a function, a delegate, or something with
an opCall to the Signal.