On 02-06-2019 12:56, Ron Tarrant wrote:

Hi Mike,

Just looking through generated/cairo/c/types.d and found this style of comment:

public enum cairo_region_overlap_t
	IN, /+* completely inside region +/
	OUT, /+* completely outside region +/
	PART /+* partly inside region +/
alias cairo_region_overlap_t CairoRegionOverlap;

My code editor, PSPad, misinterprets this so that everything past line 500 is commented out... not that it actually is; I opened this in another editor and it's fine, but...

With PSPad being my favourite editor, I'd like to fix this. I've tried Googling, but the results I get are—shall we say—not exactly shedding any light.

So, my question is: Does this type of comment have special meaning? Like, for ddoc or some other document processor?

Or did it get mangled somewhere along the line?

It probably got mangled somewhere, the cairo binding was generated with
the old gtk-doc based generator. Witch would replace / / style
comments with /+ +/ style comments since they support nesting.